The benefits of BIM Infrastructure are numerous. For a long time, BIM Infrastructure has remained in the shadow of BIM Building, but it is now developing rapidly. The setec group supports you at each phase of your project. Explanations.

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The creation, structuring, sharing and reuse of data in a format adapted to the client's needs, aim to guarantee the digital transformation of a construction project and to optimize each stage of the project's life cycle. The Arkance Systems experien...

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Cloud connectivity, detailed 3D-models and high-level automation are real possibilities with today’s infrastructure information models. If you are new to the subject, utilizing open building infrastructure modeling (openBIM) may seem like a daunting ...

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You’re a manager at a leading construction company, and you’re looking for new tools to keep projects on schedule, make better decisions, and improve communication. You have noticed your colleagues using drones and you have the vision to see that thi...

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Duna Aszfalt are improving productivity  and quality using BIM technology and work methods by Trimble to get a more effective workflow from design to construction.

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GEODESIAL Group and its subsidiaries GEOMEDIA AND GEOMENSURA are committed to the future with business solutions in the fields of geomatics, road and rail infrastructure and urban development. As a member of buildingSMART France but also of buildingS...

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Regarding the extension project for metro line 11 in Paris, Anthony Balbeurre, foreman at Bouygues Construction, is able to rely on a new tool to collect and share data in real time: Infrakit.  

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Under the initiative of buildingSMART France, INDURAfor the Innov'Infra Hub and the national MINnD2 project carried by Irex, InfraBIM Open will be held in Lyon from June 7 to 9, 2021.

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InfraBIM Open 2021-22 Lyon

You are welcome to the 4th edition of InfraBIM Open (IBO22), taking place for the first time in France in the begining of 2022. Take this opportunity to measure and capture all the progress in the digital transformation of Infrastructures, thanks to BIM and openBIM.


Today, Infrastructures face an increasing number of requirements: 

  • Environmental efficiency,
  • Sobriety, performances and profitability of the structure throughout its life, from the preliminary project to its life end (PLM),
  • Resilience and increasing user demands,
  • Not forgetting the legal aspects of the use of the data: liability and intellectual property.

Infrastructures - Public Works and Civil Engineering - have been able to meet these challenges, thanks to digital innovation focused on interoperability. Thus, this domain is essential to the economy, both in terms of its production and of the jobs it generates. Infrastructures have entered Industry 4.0 with full force under the « Smart Construction » umbrella. 


IBO21 challenge : « Designing the intelligent city and transport »

Infrastructures, which act as a platform for day-to-day operations, have increased interconnection to digital information systems and networks such as 5G, smart building, IoT. The design and use of Digital Twins will optimize asset management, the use of the infrastructure through a more sustainable and controlled management. Digital technologies at the service of Infrastructures open up new prospects in terms of market, recruitment, savings and even responses to crises and health risks, such as « covid19», through its remote collaborative aspects.

If you are interested in BIM in infrastructures: join the IBO21-22 january 10-12, 2022!

This international professional convention, unique in its kind, gives Infrastructures 4.0 their full place by proposing:

  • feedback from daily practice of openBIM in road, street, tramway, railway and bridge projects, etc. 
  • the public procurement point of view on BIM Infrastructures
  • but also hot topics such as the latest digital applications for Infrastructures
  • analysis and best practices from visionaries, industry leaders from around the world, and operational people.

They were more than 570 participants of 31 different nationalities in 2020: join the 4th edition of InfraBIM Open in 2022 as participant or sponsor!





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