As a recognised player in BIM infrastructure, FUTURMAP is supporting the SNCF in their national project to make all of its existing assets accessible to people with reduced mobility.  

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To best meet the needs of its partners, both public and private, Ingérop teams bring their expertise in BIM design : feedbacks of the Seine-North Europe Canal in BIM by Ingérop.

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The national MINnD project managed by Irex - co-organiser of this 4th edition - is in charge of the programming of IBO21. Maturity and necessary convergence, low carbon and IoT in Europe, and the stakes of mutualisation: discover the positions taken ...

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The productivity shock brought by new technologies on site has led to a second shock: that of connectivity. The integration of guidance and topography solutions up to the deployment of connected worksite platforms are now possible. Here are some expl...

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Vektorio specializes in data management and 3D graphics for large-scale infrastructure projects. We have over 10 years of experience and an established place in the industry.

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In addition to openBIM interfaces, improved modelling functionality and the consideration of seismic load effects, code-based design in accordance with the Eurocode is now available...

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 Simplify and automate engineering cybersecurity to make the digital asset that is produced and then transmitted to customers more reliable. Explanation.

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Simple and easy-to-grasp information benefits both experienced infrastructure construction professionals as well as regular Joes. Besides, achieving a better understanding with information models helps save money in the long run. For professionals, i...

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InfraBIM Open 2021-22 Lyon

You are welcome to the 4th edition of InfraBIM Open (IBO22), taking place for the first time in France in the begining of 2022. Take this opportunity to measure and capture all the progress in the digital transformation of Infrastructures, thanks to BIM and openBIM.


Today, Infrastructures face an increasing number of requirements: 

  • Environmental efficiency,
  • Sobriety, performances and profitability of the structure throughout its life, from the preliminary project to its life end (PLM),
  • Resilience and increasing user demands,
  • Not forgetting the legal aspects of the use of the data: liability and intellectual property.

Infrastructures - Public Works and Civil Engineering - have been able to meet these challenges, thanks to digital innovation focused on interoperability. Thus, this domain is essential to the economy, both in terms of its production and of the jobs it generates. Infrastructures have entered Industry 4.0 with full force under the « Smart Construction » umbrella. 


IBO21 challenge : « Designing the intelligent city and transport »

Infrastructures, which act as a platform for day-to-day operations, have increased interconnection to digital information systems and networks such as 5G, smart building, IoT. The design and use of Digital Twins will optimize asset management, the use of the infrastructure through a more sustainable and controlled management. Digital technologies at the service of Infrastructures open up new prospects in terms of market, recruitment, savings and even responses to crises and health risks, such as « covid19», through its remote collaborative aspects.

If you are interested in BIM in infrastructures: join the IBO21-22 january 10-12, 2022!

This international professional convention, unique in its kind, gives Infrastructures 4.0 their full place by proposing:

  • feedback from daily practice of openBIM in road, street, tramway, railway and bridge projects, etc. 
  • the public procurement point of view on BIM Infrastructures
  • but also hot topics such as the latest digital applications for Infrastructures
  • analysis and best practices from visionaries, industry leaders from around the world, and operational people.

They were more than 570 participants of 31 different nationalities in 2020: join the 4th edition of InfraBIM Open in 2022 as participant or sponsor!





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