Connectivity and information sharing: towards the Connected Site 

The productivity shock brought by new technologies on site has led to a second shock, that of connectivity. Datasharing, remote site management, project monitoring and collaboration are no longer just concepts but are becoming a reality for many projects. 
Through platforms such as TRIMBLE WORKSMANAGER, field and office teams are permanently connected and information about work progress, project updates and technical support for technology solutions is exchanged in real time. Other tools such as TRIMBLE WORKS OS now offer real-time productivity monitoring and job site tracking via a 3D model of the project so that supervisors and project managers can measure and maximize efficiency on site even faster.

In addition to the substantial time savings generated by the adoption of these technologies - teams are permanently connected, working on the same project at the same time - the monitoring of the progress of the site has been improved. This is particularly the case thanks to the use of platforms such as TRIMBLE STRATUS, which allows topographic surveys carried out by drone to be modeled into a 3D model of the project. The superposition and comparison of the different surveys gives a very precise vision of the project's progress.

The trend towards this second shock will truly maximize the benefits of increased productivity (thanks to the field solutions) since it will allow these solutions to be part of a global continuum of technologies that provide information on a centralized model. This is the first step towards BIM dedicated to Infrastructure. 

The link between the digital model and the construction site is made by augmented reality solutions that will allow to have a visual representation directly on the ground of the digital model and of the implementation of the project (engineering structure, land entry, etc...). This will allow: to validate or amend the digital model of the project according to the existing or to carry out surveys in relation to work already done. Solutions such as TRIMBLE SITEVISION make this bridge between the model and the reality of the field, bringing the construction site into the digital age. 

The industrialization of construction processes will bring the construction site into the 4.0 era and automation. If today - as in the past for guidance and digitization - it is mainly a concept and a project, many technology partners, such as TRIMBLE, are working on the deployment of autonomous machine solutions - controlled directly from the digital model - on the construction site. 

In this context, the choice of a technology partner to accompany construction contractors in these digital challenges is essential. As a technology partner of construction companies for more than 10 years, SITECH - exclusive distributor of TRIMBLE solutions - is at your side from the integration of guidance and surveying solutions to the deployment of connected worksite platforms.

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