Today, data is an integral part of the constitution of a project, especially in a BIM process. Securing, making reliable, transporting data and promoting interoperability in a simple, ergonomic and productive way is essential to the successful management of a project. To meet this need, Geomensura provides various tools in a 100% BIM workflow. A real productivity gain for your projects!

The functionalities offered in the Mensura range allow for better coordination of infrastructure projects and more efficient exchanges in a totally openBIM process. Data management is made easier thanks to various tools that offer the possibility to : 


Geomensura has thus been accompanying its clients for several years in the evolution of new design methodologies and has positioned itself as a reference in the field of BIM infrastructure. The motto of the Geodesial group, of which Geomensura is a part, proudly marks its commitment: BIM infrastructure is us.

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