DEC The platform for industrial infrastructure managers

The range of tools available today is powerful and varied but does not always correspond to the needs of industrial infrastructure managers: this was the starting point for Altametris to create its platform.

With a single, simple, intuitive tool accessible via the Internet, it is possible to visualise in 2D and 3D; compare data between two dates, visual and thermal data, and store them; manage users and projects... There are also functionalities for producing photogrammetry, panoramas, mapping of installations or detection of defects on concrete structures...

In short, with Altametris Suite, asset managers have a centralised repository of business information that is essential for drawing up their diagnoses, making recommendations, creating or modifying operating and maintenance processes, consulting reports from various experts and service providers and carrying out global analyses on the various types of infrastructure.

The platform has already been deployed by major players such as SARP - a Veolia subsidiary specialising in the maintenance of sewage works and industrial equipment - and also by SNCF Réseau and SNCF Gares & Connexions.

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