Today, all sectors of activity are affected by cyber-attacks and the construction sector is not spared. ScredIN is Ingerop's response to the challenges of cybersecurity or "digital security" of data produced in a BIM context. To meet these challenges, our objective is to "simplify and automate" the cybersecurity of engineering in order to "make the digital asset" that is produced and then transmitted to clients more reliable.

More than 30 billion data compromised in 2020 "Cybersecurity must be at the heart of digital projects, otherwise we risk a massive disappearance of companies, and consequently, additional difficulties for the post-Covid-19 economic recovery" Source LEMONDE INFORMATIQUE 31-03-2021


This notion of "digital asset" is important when design is based on engineering 4.0 processes such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) or CIM (City Information Modeling). It is important to understand that these methods aggregate 3D digital models of information that can be "hyper-sensitive", which can allow the preparation of malicious acts, both in terms of the "peripheral" security of a site and the "cyber" security of its industrial systems, with centralized technical management (CTM) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the front line.


As early as 2019, we anticipate that information concerning a video surveillance system or a road or urban signaling system may be the target of malicious groups (more generally known as 'hackers'). March 2021, one of these "use cases" to be secured is in the news!

All types of projects are concerned. Cybersecurity concerns the design and implementation phases as well as the maintenance and operation phases. 2021 remains more than ever focused on cybersecurity, so ScredIN continues its developments. "ScredIN PROJETCT" & "ScredIN ADVANCED" will be completed by the end of 2021 and during 2022 respectively to enrich and complete their range of software solutions and services in digital security in relation to the BIM & CIM processes.

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