GEODESIAL Group and its subsidiaries GEOMEDIA AND GEOMENSURA are committed to the future with business solutions in the fields of geomatics, road and rail infrastructure and urban development. As a member of buildingSMART France but also of buildingSMART Switzerland, GEODESIAL Group has also been contributing its expertise to the national MINnD project from the outset. It is also one of Autodesk's main partners in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) trades. This is why, naturally, GEODESIAL Group has decided to support InfraBIM Open 2021 which is taking place in France and to be a double sponsor (Platinum and Gold) to better meet you. But who is GEODESIAL Group?

The birth of an extended Group 

Created in 2016 from the merger of GEOMEDIA and GEOMENSURA, two companies that have been recognized by construction professionals for more than 40 years, the group is now a specialist in software engineering dedicated to building and public works activities. 

A major European player and French leader in the publishing of production software for infrastructure, urban development and geomatics, GEODESIAL Group responds to environmental and societal challenges to build the cities and infrastructures of tomorrow in a sustainable manner.  

Through its two companies, it covers 100% of the needs for studies in public works: 

The group's business solutions offer all the power and productivity expected in the office or in the field. To achieve this, the group's experts work with expert surveyors, local authority technical departments, public works companies and design or engineering offices in a wide variety of fields such as road, rail, urban development and VRD or environment-related projects. 


BIM Infras on a daily basis 

To satisfy a market in strong transition, the group is constantly innovating and investing. And it is in this context that BLOC in BLOC, a specialist in field solutions for BIM, has just joined the GEODESIAL group, which each year reinvests more than 30% of its profits in research and development. 

Thus, GEOMEDIA, GEOMENSURA and BLOC IN BLOC contribute significantly to the development of BIM in the office and in the field : 

The group's motto proudly marks its commitment: "We are the BIM infrastructure". 

Today, whatever infrastructure or urban development projects are undertaken, they fit perfectly into a digital BIM model and provide an optimal user experience. In addition, the group develops solutions to optimize the interaction of buildings in their environment, neighborhood, city in connection with the challenges of CIM or LIM. 

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