You’re a manager at a leading construction company, and you’re looking for new tools to keep projects on schedule, make better decisions, and improve communication. You have noticed your colleagues using drones and you have the vision to see that this could be the solution for your construction problems.

So you buy a drone and start capturing data. Your team uses the imagery to review site progress during a site meeting. The drone data makes it easy. So far everything is going just the way you expected.

Then a month later a surprise pops up on site. Maybe the bedrock isn’t quite where your team thought it was. You need to find an old orthophoto from the maze of external drives, folders and files and then convert it for CAD or BIM applications. Not ideal for a person who is already overwhelmed with work. So you end up with two options:

1.    Waste time getting the data ready and delay the project’s reaction to the problem
2.    Attempt to solve the problem without the data, so the drone data is worthless

No matter what happens, you don’t see the ROI you expected when you bought the drone. It does nothing to help you bring your job in on time and on budget.

What can you do about it?

The answer is to use a tool uniquely suited to improving data sharing on big projects: Pointscene. 

This platform is not a replacement for your current software. It uses a combination of cloud storage, web services, APIs, and open BIM standards to move data painlessly between any of the end-user tools your project is already using. 

With Pointscene, you have many options for sharing data. For instance, you can make the files available for easy download from the cloud. Or you can link the latest orthophotos directly to your project’s CAD & BIM applications.

That means every stakeholder will always have the data they need to do their jobs and respond with speed and confidence when surprises pop up on site. You will start to see the real ROI!

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