The railway sector is evolving and with it the design methods for conventional, metro, tramway and other types of tracks. Digitization and environmental issues are now an integral part of the development, construction and operation of rail networks. It is to respond to these new modes of exchange and work that Geomedia has designed GEORAIL powered by covadis.   


An openBIM solution dedicated to rail 

Entirely developed in France, combining Covadis' know-how and the business expertise of rail professionals, this new solution is designed to improve the planning, design and modelling of railway projects. "Companies in the railway sector have a set of business repositories that we have developed to offer an openBIM solution that meets their needs" emphasises Wilfrid Perrouelle, Director of Geomedia. It enables data interoperability in IFC, IMX and LandXML formats and covers the entire lifecycle of rail infrastructure projects, from design to completion.  


Adaptability and speed  

The functionalities of this application for rail have been designed to allow better coordination of rail infrastructure projects and more efficient exchanges in a totally openBIM process. As Wilfrid Perrouelle explains, "the challenge was to offer a functional, optimised and efficient solution that would enable successful collaboration between teams and thus improve productivity on projects. Our objective has been achieved and today enables us to offer the most powerful business software for track design and layout in the railway sector. "GEORAIL powered by covadis is also taking part in the IFC Rail 4.3 experiment within MINnD and buildingSMART.  


About Geomedia 

For several years, the company has accompanied its clients in the evolution of new design methodologies and has positioned itself as a reference in BIM infrastructure. The motto of the Geodesial group, of which Geomedia is a part, proudly marks its commitment: "BIM infrastructure is us". More information : and on Professional blog of Infrastructure (in French) :


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