InfraBIM Open will be held in Lyon in 2021. The national MINnD project managed by Irex is one of the co-organisers of this 4th edition. This edition is a concrete expression of the links forged between the French and Finnish construction players in early 2010 (Nordic Workshop, 30/11/2011, Helsinski). The PN MINnD - with 59 partners - is in charge of the programming of IBO21. The Programme Committee has defined the call for papers and the selection modalities. The best specialists in the field will be solicited to participate in the evaluation of proposals and to lead the debates.

The openBIM: a three-fold observation

The openBIM is defined by :

- a model-based approach - in particular the IFC format - which leads to the provision of information to describe the digital assets;

- a process approach - described in the ISO 19650 standard - which follows the standardized contract processes.

This approach confirms the interest of the model-based approach: it makes the traceability of processes, which is essential for trust, well supported by the models themselves thanks to the IFCs. The Information delivery manual (IDM), which describes the data to be supplied to the model, the data dictionaries that manage the quality of business semantics and tools such as the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) that support the exchange of data for collaborative work, also contribute to this.

Maturity and necessary convergence

Today the work to develop openBIM has reached a significant level of maturity as evidenced by the ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2, published in 2019, which already appears in the calls for tenders and the finalization of IFC 4.3 planned for 2021.

Feedback from the first deployments on real Infras operations underlines that openBIM should not be limited to BIM: IFCs alone will not be able to carry the full representation of the infrastructure. openBIM must be complemented by other models or standards (Citygml, Sensor GML, PLCS, etc...) and converge with openSIG.

Low carbon and IoT: European guidelines

Europe has taken up the digital transformation of Construction and is proposing a calendar of project-programs (Digiplace, GAIA X, Open CDE, etc.) linked to the climate emergency and the need to monitor a digital twin through digital platforms. With the problems of the low carbon trajectory and connected infrastructures, BIM is therefore in strong interaction with approaches, which are themselves complex. This requires considering interactions between different subsystems and sectors and subsystems, making the notion of system engineering crucial and specific.

The challenge of mutualization

It is no longer just a matter of proving feasibility. The conditions for the success and improvement of the various productivities are now to be sought in a systematic way. At a time when BIM is being deployed in projects and platforms are being tested, no angle of exploration can be neglected. A project-based approach must be imposed with a collective sharing of knowledge as it is acquired, while respecting the different trades: this is the objective of InfraBIM Open, to propose communications showing the maturity of openBIM and the innovations it generates.

About the PN MINnD

The national MINnD project is a collaborative research project launched in March 2014 in France and administered by Irex. Its objective is to promote the development of BIM for infrastructures by improving the structuring of project data for efficient exchanges and sharing of information. The PN MINnD mobilizes a large number of actors involved in activities related to the design, construction and operation of infrastructures.

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