To best meet the needs of its partners, both public and private, Ingérop teams bring their expertise in BIM design. This is the case, for example, for the large-gauge river infrastructure project, the Seine-North Europe Canal, 107 km long, between Compiègne (60) and Aubencheul-au-Bac (62). 

Ingérop, as part of the ONE project management consortium (Egis, ISL, SBE, MDP, NEY & Partners and AEI), is in charge of managing the digital model, in particular the compilation of the various business models.
- The model is designed to be used throughout the project life cycle: design, construction, operation, and even deconstruction.
- The summary model, updated weekly and assembled by the BIM coordinator, integrates the entire design, including environmental data.

BIM has made it possible to federate all the trades (river layout, road layout, hydraulics, geotechnics, earthworks, waterproofing, civil engineering for locks, winnowing, equipment and systems, environment, landscapes, operation, etc.), to control the production of the teams, to avoid the silo effect by facilitating exchanges between the various trades, and to detect clashes. It also contributed to the cohesion and motivation of the teams during the health crisis. In addition, augmented reality should be deployed in the context of field visits with residents. 

The Seine-Northern Europe Canal project was awarded the Silver BIM in the infrastructure category at the last BIM d'Or ceremony.

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