The InfraBIM Open congress is a meeting between the main actors of the infrastructure sector, coming from all over the world. Project owners, engineering and project managers, construction companies, as well as infrastructure operators: they have the opportunity to meet in the same place, to share their experiences and practices in the implementation of BIM, in open mode. The FNTP is of course fully associated with this international technical congress, which will be hosted in France in 2021. Indeed, representing more than 8,000 companies, employing a total of more than 300,000 employees, the FNTP is a driving force in the implementation of these BIM technologies for its members' infrastructures. These BIM issues are closely linked to the sector's decarbonation trajectory and, more broadly, to the ecological transition.

BIM and know-how: appropriation and reinsurance 

Thanks to BIM Infra, with its calculation and processing capacities for information and processes, the sector will be able to design, build and maintain, even better, at lower costs, optimizing each structure over its lifetime. Collaboration between the players will be more efficient.  

Only these digital technologies thus enable the optimization of organization, structural calculations, information storage, etc. over very long periods. 

Thanks to these major advances in the digital transition, the profession will be able to make great strides towards a carbon-free world that is much more respectful of the environment.  

For several years now, the FNTP has been supporting its members in their handling of BIM, through awareness-raising actions, but also through training and evaluation, so that they can make the most of it and work better with their clients thanks to the digital technology. "Public works companies need to make BIM their own so that they can work calmly and confidently, with the assurance of preserving their know-how," says Dominique Chevillard, Technical and Research Director of the FNTP.  


The credo of open 

He adds: "This is what is at stake in the joint position written with Syntec Ingénierie, the national MINND 2 project and EGF.BTP. It is based on four principles:  

The co-authors of this position consider that open solutions respond well to these principles, and will allow, with the support of the public authorities, the implementation of a BIM allowing it to develop its full potential with the active support of all the players in the sector".  


The FNTP sees InfraBIM Open as a unique place to share experiences and successful practices by resolutely promoting collaborative and open modes. "Each player will thus be able to preserve this know-how and act with conviction for the protection of the environment" concludes Dominique Chevillard. 



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