The digitization of the building and public works trades is under way. The trades involved in the design, construction and operation of mobility, transport, water and energy infrastructure are experiencing rapid changes in practices. This new way of working offers an exceptional opportunity to meet the challenges of the ecological transition of territories by profoundly modifying the act of building.


From HUB Innov'Infra to INDURA 

This vision is shared by the members of the Hub Innov'Infra, which brings together the four French clusters specializing in public works - Ecochantier, INDURA, Odéys and Novabuild - and IREX, whose vocation is to support and facilitate the emergence of research and innovation projects within a consolidated network of companies, engineering firms and laboratories. BIM, data and AI are thematic priorities at the heart of this important partnership. INDURA, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes cluster on collaborative innovation for public works, will be the Hub's arm for the organization of the InfraBIM Open 2021 edition in Lyon (7-9 June). 


Reaching out and sharing 

The two previous Finnish editions of IBO have shown that sharing experiences and approaches allows the whole ecosystem to progress. "On several occasions, the authors have intervened and amply illustrated the important role they can play in this revolution. In 2021, IBO will be held in Lyon, we are convinced that they will also be at the rendezvous of this international congress dedicated to BIM Infras " insists Paul GALONNIER, from the HUB Innov'Infra. He adds: "During this new edition, we would like to show the French advances, share our expertise and know-how on the international scene while discovering the experiences, concrete and material actions developed in the different countries represented on this occasion". 

All this has led the HUB Innov'Infra to become - through INDURA – one of the co-organizers of InfraBIM Open, an international congress that is taking place for the first time in France. 



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