Software and IoT have changed many industries in today's world, and now it's the construction industry's turn to become more digital. Therefore Komatsu launched its technology venture "Smart Construction," which aims to digitally transform construction from the bidding until reporting phase with interconnected hardware and software.

The biggest attraction? It is fully brand-agnostic, capable of working with your mixed fleet. It doesn't matter if you are using machines from Komatsu, Caterpillar or Hitachi.

Smart Construction's family of solutions ranges from volume calculation in a few clicks during the bidding phase to keeping track of subcontractor activities the moment you need to report results.

Smart Construction aims to be your helping hand on the path of digitization. Need a low barrier to start your digital transformation, then definitely check out Smart Construction Remote.

Control all your Topcon, Trimble and Komatsu-based GNSS systems with just one application.

With Smart Construction Remote, you can tackle all support issues remotely. From updating design plans to machine support. Please read all about the application on our website:

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