You are part of the Infrastructure world and you don’t know which professional events you should attend?  Don’t hesitate: select InfraBIM Open in Lyon from 10 to 12 Januray 2022!

«  Is IBO21-22 an event reserved for BIM-ready and  geeks  ? »  
No, not at all ! You don't need to be an already convinced BIM user. InfraBIM Open 2021-22 is dedicated to all the players of the Infrastructure « Construction lifecycle » domain, in order to help them understand the strategic interests and the best practices of the  integration of openBIM, considering their means and needs.

« Why should I be interested in  InfraBIM Open ? »
Trends, sharing of best practices, French and international experiences feedback, decryption…etc, but also networking, meetings with solution or service providers, exchanges with people who master openBIM: everything is organized so you can make openBIM an asset of your Infrastructure projects. The sessions are simultaneously translated (English-French). 

« Is it for me, for my teams ? »
IBO21-22 offers responses that meet professional expectations, whatever the size of your entity, your degree of digital appropriation or your task are :

  • strategic or prescriptive role (asset management, innovation management, IT department, vice-president or CEO of a company, project manager, digital development manager, etc.);
  • operational role, carrying out Infrastructure projects (engineers, modelers, surveyors, site manager, works manager, BIM expert, etc.).

« What is the format of this professional event ? »

  • From 10 to12 Januray 2022 in Lyon France, InfraBIM Open promises to be a unique, professional and friendly experience. « IBO21-22 » is an international technical convention organized over 2 days including :
  • More than 50 sessions of presentations targeting the expectations of the audience;
  • a  plenary conference as a conclusion

BtoB room and an exhibition zone provide opportunity to meet BIM Infrastructures solution or service providers. Coffee breaks, lunch buffets and cocktails at the end of the first day will also be an opportunity for you to exchange and to network.

« This is the first time I hear about InfraBIM Open: it's a 1st edition? »
The first event will take place in 2018 in Tampere, Finland: so this is the 4th edition that France has the chance to host! To know more about the previous editions: see the "Editions" section.

« Is it possible to see the contents of the previous editions, to get an idea? »  
Yes, because under the name InfraBIM Open there is "open" for sharing technical and practical knowledge. All the presentations of past events are online in the websites of each edition: see section "Editions".  But there is nothing like participating - in real life - in this international convention to take advantage of the speeches in addition to the visual presentations, to have exchanges with the speakers, to meet solution providers but also other professionals from the French and foreign sector.