For the first time, France is hosting IBO, an international technical convention, unique in its kind, which highlights the economic sector of Infrastructures in its full digital transformation. A real opportunity to promote an international dynamic to build the « Smart Infrastructures » market together. 
You want to take part in InfraBIM Open 2021 as exhibitors, sponsors or supporters ? It is possible now ! From September, 100 places with a 25% rebate will be on sale, and the call for contributions will be open until February 2021. Ready for IBO21?

IBO, an international professional event about Infrastructures.
InfraBIM Open is a technical convention dedicated to all Infrastructure stakeholders (Civil Engineering, Public Works) who are initiating a digital transformation process, or who are working on BIM projects. This international event, launched in 2018 by the Finns, is constantly gaining momentum ! (see previous editions). France is carrying 4.0 Infrastructures: France stands out for its expertise and initiatives in terms of openBIM Infrastructures with the national project MINnD, a hub of local entities locused on Infrastructure and buildingSMART France.

IBO - supporting this key sector in its digital transformation.
For Infrastructures, a key sector in France and abroad, it is essential to be able to take advantage of all the digital potentialities. 
Redesigning cities and transport - from the perspective of Smart Cities - is a source of growth and of job creation, and it promotes the Low carbon ecological transition. 
Technological innovation makes it possible to design, build and then digitally operate a structure in collaborative mode with BIM. 
And to be free of all proprietary systems and solutions, interoperability and standardization of processes must prevail : this is openBIM. 
The « digital transformation » in Infrastructures is a response to the challenge of recruiting young talents and of the security of our professions, but also to the new health challenges of « social distancing ».

IBO : a training effect
Simultaneously translated conferences and workshops, exhibition of digital solutions and of expertise, B2B meetings, over two days, will answer the practical questions and expectations of all professionals - from project management, engineering, construction or products - whatever the professional function of the attendee is. 
This international event is a “catalyst” of shared good practices to create a sectorial dynamic. InfraBIM Open brings a 360-degree vision, along the entire value chain (from the first sketches of the project until its deconstruction). With IBO, you will identify examples to follow, put yourself in a good perspective, and get ideas for alliances & partnerships. IBO21 supports the entire infrastructure ecosystem that has initiated the change of working methods: BIM means « together », and much more when it is openBIM !

InfraBIM Open, international professional convention about Infrastructures 4.0, expects more than 500 participants from the construction world in Lyon from June 7 to 9, 2021: add it in your agenda without forgetting to provide the contribution of your own skills to this international event!

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